1. Rockabilly Goods went to DREW recording session and talked about some music-related stuff.


  2. Rockabilly Goods Tees in Germany


  3. A picture from our friend wearing RBL Cross Tee-Shirt in Dortmund, Germany


  4. BLACK COLLECTION Video Lookbook: “Inception”


  5. Friday, 21 Feb 2014. Jakarta.

    Rockabilly Goods visits J-Rocks in their studio rehearsal session. The band was gifted with the latest items from Black Collection, and also awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation. We believe that J-Rocks has been truly exceptional in their musical skills and inspirational in our music industry. Being in the scene for more than 10 years is just the solid proof of their musical expertise, and it seems like there’s no signs of slowing down now.


  6. Rockabilly Goods: Black Collection Lookbook

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  7. Rockabilly Goods at Altos Store.
    Jl. Kemang 1 no: 2b, Jak-Sel


  8. Rockabilly Goods 2nd Collection


    Available now on our shop: www.rockabillygoods.com/shop


  9. Rockabilly Goods’ First Collective Project
    featuring Killing Me inside